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Office 365 Getting Started


Logging on:  Teachers use employee number: 

e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_____________ (Password is same as for login on computer.)

 >  > 
 Contact Lists and Group Lists are different: 

  • Contact list is a list of selected names that all go from the same email.
  • Group list is a selected group of people who share information around. Like a listserv. Invite is sent.

 Two ways to edit:  
  • Use full functionality of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that comes with the offline, software versions.
  • Use online version that does not have as many features.


 OneNote Online:

  OneNote Class Notebook Creator:

 OneDrive is the directory, where everything is stored.  In OneDrive, you can start new documents, upload from other locations, edit--either alone or with another person(s), and perform other tasks.
Some of the applications in Launchpad require passwords:
     BrainPop, World Book, World Almanac, PebbleGo:  dhil573
     GALILEO:  hamper (changes in Dec.)
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